Membership Info

Central Florida Jet Riders “CFJR”

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Membership Benefits

Included with valid paid membership, members will receive the following benefits:

Club Benefits:
1. Membership in Central Florida’s Premier Jet Ski Club
2. Discounts at local and online venders and businesses including PWC insurance (see current active listing)
3. Access to CFJR private members only ride postings
4. Access to Premier listing of CFJR resource guides, manuals, maps, and weblinks
5. Access to all CFJR club sponsored rides
6. Yearly Club Membership Sticker (2 per registered member)
7. Premier sponsored ride planning around the world (min 2 per year, please see current listing of scheduled premier rides)
8. Club Sponsored Training Seminars (see current listing of seminars) (do water safety, proper tie off, ski maintenance, oil changes, etc)
9. Official CFJR Quarterly Club Newsletter
Sponsored Ride Benefits:
1. Designated Ride Lead Guide
2. Designated Ride Follow-up Guide
3. No Ski left behind

Membership and Ride Code of Ethics:
1. I will work through “CFJR” to promote good public relations through club activities, community affairs and the media.
2. I will respect the rights of all users of the recreational waterways, both on public waters and on private property.
3. I will be considerate at the launch ramps and docks, and I will get on and off the ramps briskly and not delay others.
4. I will follow the navigation rules on the road around all other vessels, and I will learn and observe the operating state’s rules on wake jumping.
5. I will give all anchored or drifting vessels plenty of room.
6. I will always operate at headway speed in “no wake” zones.
7. When approaching shore, I will be especially aware of swimmers and other craft near shore.
8. I will not disturb wildlife, and I will avoid areas posted for the protection of wildlife.
9. I will not litter the shore side, and I will be careful with my fuel.
10. I realize that my travel speed should be determined by my equipment, ability, weather and wave conditions, and especially other vessel traffic.
11. In case of emergency, I will volunteer assistance to other club as well as non club members.
12. I will not interfere with or harass others. I realize that people judge all watercraft by my actions.
13. I will pay close attention to the noise my vessel may make and be aware of how others on boats and on shore react to that noise..
14. Club activities should be conducted according to the spirit of the Code of Ethics both within the watercraft community and the community at large.
15. I will not use drugs or alcohol while operating a personal watercraft or boat as I am aware that CFJR will not condone reckless behavior.
16. Membership is non-refundable.
17. Failure to follow CFJR Code of Ethics will lead to the possible termination of membership with the Central Florida Jet Riders.

Membership Rates & Requirements:

Potential new members must come on one complimentary ride to determine if they are compatible with our group and would benefit from membership. This should be a short ride and not an overnight trip or out of state trip. The members on that ride will decide if the new member is a good fit and recommend them to become a full member. Once the member has been recommended and club dues are paid the new member will be added to the CFJR members only Facebook group and have access to club rides and discounts.

Yearly membership period runs from April 1st to April 1st and is $50 per ski and $25 for each additional ski per family.

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